Marco Minotti was born in 1973 in northern Milan.

Activities: He graduated with a degree in industrial design at the Politecnico University in Milan. He supports his internal design work withpainting, his real giFt in every respect. In 1996 he had a private display at the Dora House in London,in 2002 he won the * La Telaccia” competition in Turin and participated at the contemporary art Fair “Art Nimes”.

Philosophy: An explosive eroticism discovered through the study of certain phases of contemporary art history,

Like Doli surrealism and Pollock’s action painting. A disenchanted and post eco of visceral painting which brings back existential values and is experienced as an interior necessity, like cathartic gestures ond liberation.

Style: Informal abstract in large dimension. The color is expressed as a primary pictorial value,a tactile vibrant and emotional experience. An ironic and exuberant quotation of gestural and inFormial tradition helped by an executive skill in the techniques of drafting up the color. The chromatic range is based on the symbolic choice of colors of the chakra: red is For materialism,green is For love and blue For the spirit.

Technique: Use of brushes and drafting by hand, cementite, venetian stucco and oil colors, the surfaces are rough wooden ponels 100x100 cm.,200x200 cm. and 300x300 cm.